‘Movin’ on up’

For those of you familiar with Seditious Theology, you will know that one of the core aims of the site is to take a fresh look at expressions to be found within the arts. This ‘look’ is done secure in the knowledge that no poem, painting, song, lyric or piece of music carries just one sole obvious meaning as dictated by the originator. They are all capable of being interpreted anew and carrying more than one message/meaning.

This post, Stop, Look & Listen, is the first in what I hope to be a weekly series where I select an expression from within the arts that I think merits a fresh listen or view. I want to encourage readers to listen/look again, but this time, through a more theological lens. (Theology being, for the purposes of this site, ‘Faith Thinking’. Thank you again to the Reverend Professor Trevor Hart).

Prompted by a conversation I had with my brother Ian the other day, I suggest we start to Stop, Look & Listen to the song ‘Movin’ On Up’ by Primal Scream. The first track on their album Screamadelica. It can be found with it’s accompanying video here if you click on the song title at the top:

At this stage, I shall say no more, that would defeat the object of this series. But I suspect I will say a few things in the not-too-distant future.

Do feel free to post any comments that you may have on the subject. Indeed, if you have any good suggestions for future Stop, Look & Listen posts then do please let me know.

Happy listening, and remember, it needs to be through a theological lens.