Life Before Death?

Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in British cinema during the 1990s was the opening to the film Trainspotting. For those who have not seen the segment, and as a reminder for those who have, we are shown a slightly built scruffy skinhead called Renton running, full pelt, down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile while being energetically pursued by two store detectives. The scene gains its … Continue reading Life Before Death?

The Madness is the Message

The Madness is the Message Cognisant of the complexion of post modernity, we may be forgiven for thinking that we are not as comfortable as we once were with the idea that some experiences in life may bring revelation, awakening and profound and lasting change. Nevertheless, science, political ideology and the arts all provide us with spheres where we find claims of such profound encounters … Continue reading The Madness is the Message

An analogous case…

I have been asked to share a little more about the imaginative process I employed to bring the subjects of punk and the life of Christ together. The following is a post dedicated to explaining just what I did. Imaginative Reidentification In his excellent book Discipleship and Imagination: Christian Tradition and Truth, David Brown explores how some biblical narratives have impacted our comprehension and practice … Continue reading An analogous case…

Seditious Theology: Imaginative Re-Identification, Punk and the Ministry of Jesus

Sedition: ‘3. Conduct or language inciting people to rebellion…’ The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993). As this is the first post on, I thought I would start by addressing some of the questions that I get asked on the subject. Q. Where did the term Seditious Theology stem from? Some years ago I had a conversation with Trevor Hart, … Continue reading Seditious Theology: Imaginative Re-Identification, Punk and the Ministry of Jesus